We work closely with both your business and technology teams to understand your exact needs. Then we put-together a vision and strategy along with a plan to layout the project at a high level. It allows both our teams to envision the end state and functionality so as to nail down a roadmap that makes sense to the business. This also enables us to effectively plan the project in a SCRUM (Agile) manner. Based on the iterations or sprints set forth in the high level plan, our team then works together with yours to build out the solution. Once deployed, we work on transitioning the knowledge to your team. We also provide support service options so that we can continue to evolve your solution beyond the initial deployment.

When we engage with our clients, we are extremely focused and our only goal is to successfully deliver your project, providing an exciting user experience to the end users of the solution.

For projects that are a only a few weeks in length, based on the type of project, we most likely will execute that project in more of a hybrid waterfall-agile manner since our experience shows that this approach has a higher rate of success than either plain waterfall or strict agile.

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