Most organizations have tons of data that they collect on a regular basis – customer data, sales data, and employee data to name a few types. In addition to the data that they collect, there is a huge amount of data available in the public domain, as well as data that can be bought from external sources. When it is time to plan and strategize the future of the business, unfortunately, most organization are not able to use this data in a manner that can guide them with real world information on making informed decisions. This ends up resulting in what end up being bad decisions or inefficient processes in hindsight.

Out of the box thinking helps in bringing together the various data sets and adding a great visualization experience on top of that to enable the end user to drive the navigation within the data sets.
We have also been using graph databases to identify data sets that benefit from graph models, store them in graph databases and build a top notch user interface on top of that to provide value to our customers that could not be done before.

We understand data, graph databases (in addition to regular SQL databases) and we understand the various data visualization models that provide the best experience for various types of data sets.
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