Intranets enable organizations to provide a common platform for engaging their employees. Well-designed corporate Intranets have proven to promote collaboration amongst employees, foster a channel to provide employees with corporate communication and information and enable two way communication between employees and the leadership teams. Over the last decade our consultants have been helping organizations leverage their SharePoint investment by building out their corporate Intranets on SharePoint. From inception to information architecture to common business solutions on SharePoint to the final roll out, our consultants have successfully built it all on SharePoint.

Our consultants’ out of the box thinking has helped provide organizations with solutions that incorporate dynamic, user driven Intranet navigation to dynamic user interaction and data flow by customizing the search results user experience to name a few.

If you are considering building out your corporate Intranet on SharePoint, lets discuss what your options are and how we can partner with you in building your Intranet.

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