The world's leading innovative companies are already using Graph technologies to break down the complexity at the heart of their data. Over the last few decades, we have grown accustomed to putting all of our data into structured databases even in cases where it may not be the best approach. This happens only because structured SQL data has become the defacto way for us to do data analytics.

A graph is a network of interconnected nodes. A lot of the data is connected in not just one or two ways but in multiple ways and representing this in our defacto structured SQL manner makes it extremely difficult to analyze quickly and with flexibility. Graph Databases are great for managing ad-hoc, changing data with evolving schemas. With graph theory, we are able to represent this data which in turn allows us to find answers a lot faster than we could before.

Here are some types of questions that might be answered from data in various domains:

  • Recommendations on what to buy based on what I have bought in the past
  • What's the most efficient way to get from Point A to Point Z?
  • What are the common issues we are finding in our clinical trails?
We offer the following services in this space:
Strategize what areas in your business might benefit from data analysis using Graph Theory. Either identifying data-sets that you already have or understanding the data that you need to collect along with the type of analysis that will result in reducing costs or increasing your bottom line.
Specific, well defined (scope and price) programs that help you understand the power of applying graph theory to your data sets.
Full Project Implementation:
Working with your team to understand your requirements, planning out a strategy, creating a plan to get there and implementing the system.
User Experience:
Analyzing data and finding patterns in one aspect of the business problem. A lot of times, this aspect itself provides tremendous benefits since the outcome of this analysis can be the input for systems down the line to help those systems make smarter decisions. In other cases, the output may need to be presented to the user in way that is interactive and gives the end user the power to navigate the graph in defined channels. For this, User Experience becomes extremely critical in the deployment of the final solution. We work with you in a time bound manner to come up with a beautiful user experience to complement the graph data analysis.

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